COVID-19, its Social Intersection and the Role of the SCMs

COVID-19 as a global pandemic has its own effect on the health and lives of people. However, the crisis has exacerbated the profound inequalities of the system we live with, and have presented different intersections impacting the lives of the most vulnerable: the poor, informal workers, women, unemployed youth, forced migrants and refugees. The crisis has shown the impact of weakened democracies at a time when states should be focused on preventing and minimizing the impact of COVID in all its dimensions and intersections.

Join this first dialogue between SCMs worldwide on COVID-19, its impacts, and our responsibilities and opportunities as Movements.

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Saturday, June 27, 13:00 GMT

Vancouver (Pacific) 6am
Edmonton (Mountain) 7am
Winnipeg (Central) 8am
Toronto (Eastern) 9am
Halifax (Atlantic) 10am