Guidelines, suggestions, and inspirations for running your own SCM group!


Organizing Manual – We gathered the collective wisdom and experience into the SCM Organizing Manual! The OM contains a range of ideas and suggestions for founding, finding, and funding your group, promoting programs and networking within and outside of the SCM.

Download, share, explore, and let us know what new ideas should be added to the manual.


Dialoguing with the Bible – drawing on the work of David Jobling, (retired professor of Old Testament at St. Andrew’s College, Saskatoon), SCMers have refined these tools to support diverse groups access the advantages of significantly different levels of familiarity with the Bible and the Christian traditions, creating meaningful study sessions for all.

Contextual Bible Study (handout) -to be used in a Bible Study session


Sharing circle vs Popcorn style – Trying to work out how to structure group discussions? We’re happy to host this analysis from Christian Peacemaker Teams member and York University PhD candidate Julián Gutiérrez Castaño.

Comfort-Discomfort-Alarm Zone – an adaptation of a conceptual model for creating spaces of learning and encounter, and consideration of the power dynamics and the need for intersectional safety.