The Student Christian Movement of Canada seeks to equip Christians to act for justice, equity, and right-relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, groups and nations across Turtle Island.

We acknowledge the roles that Christianity has played in genocidal violence and policies of assimilation and extinguishing of title. We repent and repudiate these beliefs and practices. We repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery.

We affirm and seek to uphold the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a bare minimum needed for the survival and thriving of Indigenous nations, worldwide and in Canada.

We desire to hold the Canadian government and all provincial and other governmental bodies to uphold the principles of the Declaration.

Indigenous Solidarity

In partnership with Indigenous-Settler Relations of Mennonite Church Canada, the SCM has designed and released a free Study Guide to aid individuals and congregations in using the 2018 book ‘Unsettling the Word: Biblical Experiments in Decolonization’. Read more below, or order the book/download the study guide here.

Study Guide Released: Biblical Experiments in Decolonization