According to the Youth Progress Report of 2017, this generation of young people (18-30) is the largest ever in history. Young people are connected to one other like never before and want to already contribute towards the revival of Church and communities, proposing innovative ways of approach, solutions, driving social progress and inspiring change in different levels.

The World Council of Churches Youth Engagement in the ecumenical movement calls for submission of papers with the guidelines below. The aim is to listen and learn from young people in different contexts (and regions). The articles will be collected in a book published by WCC that will address today’s concerns, challenges, and transformative actions of
young people’s engagement in the ecumenical movement.

Criteria and Guidelines for submission:

  • Author must be a young person between the ages 18 and 30 years old.
  • All submissions must be in English, since the book will be published in English.
  • 25-30 Abstracts will be selected and invited to submit the full articles for the final round of selection.
  • The editorial team will make sure that authors selected have a balance representation of the eight regions, different church families/traditions, gender, location, expertise, etc.

Articles should deal with at least one or the four following questions. Make sure that you indicate in your abstract the specific question/s that you will address:

  • Where do you see young people in the ecumenical movement today?
  • What are the challenges that young people face in the religious space and church community, in relation to their role in the ecumenical movement?
  • In which areas do you see transformational potential of young people in the ecumenical movement?
  • With the young people’s engagement, what do you envision of the ecumenical movement, moving forward?
    Authors should ONLY send us an abstract of 350 words maximum. We do not need the full article in this first round of selection.
    The 25-30 authors of the chosen abstracts will be informed of their selection by 30 June 2020.
    Selected authors must submit their final article for peer-review on 20 November 2020.
    Final articles should be between 2,500 words minimum and 3,500 words maximum
  • The article could include a case study in your context.
  • The author is invited to include voices from other authors by indicating them in the footnotes or endnotes.
    Send your application electronically to:
    Subject: Call for Papers- name of author
    See attachment for the full call for papers and submission form.