What?​ Your Faith on Feminism Conference
When?​ October 20 – 22, 2017
Where?​ St. Joseph’s College, University of Alberta, Edmonton
How?​ Please register by filling out the Registration Form​. Call for Papers below, or read here.
Fee?​ Registration costs vary from $100 – $275 CAD based on billeting and student status.

Your Faith on Feminism is an interfaith and ecumenical conference where feminist advocates of various ages and walks of life will share ideas, build community and participate in worship.

Friday evening to Sunday, the program will encompass discussion-based educational and creative breakout sessions, music and worship, and reflections on what it means to be a feminist in the present, global
atmosphere of fear, war and oppression.

Individuals and groups are invited to submit papers at any stage of the writing process to be workshopped in an informal, academic group environment, facilitated by experienced and knowledgeable feminist advocates but with the understanding that everyone has wisdom.

A set of conference papers will be published on the ideas presented and discussed by participating students and ministers, including the influence of workshops and the community.

Participants of all intersections, including age, race, culture, gender, size, ability, sexuality and faith, will contribute to their collective knowledge on diversity in feminism and enrich their activism with interfaith dialogue, friendships and intergenerational context. Relationships of mutual giving will develop across distance and divides both literal and figurative to help empower women and feminist advocates of various faiths to create meaningful change in their communities.

Download Your Faith On Feminism (PDF) here.

Call for Papers
Feminist advocacy is, as bell hooks has said, a movement to end sexist oppression. Sexist oppression enacted on different groups and identities confers varying degrees of power and privilege (or a lack thereof) to different aspects of our identities. Feminism must—or ought to, by the great diversity of its advocates—be an intersectional movement. As people of faith, in all our varying contexts, we are called to challenge injustices and empower each other to free ourselves from spiritual, emotional and physical bondage.

Feminisms must subvert misogyny and patriarchy wherever they are found, including in our holy texts. Feminist theology intersects with and incorporates rich and diverse ways of understanding and critiquing both feminism and faith, such as liberation theology or queer theology.

This conference focuses on how faith and feminisms come together, sometimes explosively, in our time of global political upheaval, war, oppression and increased fear of the other.

We are seeking papers at any stage of the writing process that are rooted in faith and use intersectional feminist theology to address at least one of the following themes:
● Terrorism and fear
● War
● Racism
● Xenophobia
● Islamophobia
● Antisemitism
● Colonialism and reconciliation
● Gender identity
● Sexual orientation

Abstracts (limit 300 words) can be sent to wscfna@gmail.com for review.
The deadline for submissions is August 18, 2017 and participants will be informed of acceptance by October 1, 2017. Participation from all walks of life is welcome and celebrated.

Post-conference, finished papers and reflections will be published, if consent is given, by World Student Christian Federation North America.