Open Call for Submissions

What is the relevance and impact of Christianity in justice activism today? This is the central question explored by Vision 2020, a zine produced by the York University and University of Toronto local units of Student Christian Movement of Canada. The purpose of this zine is to take a critical and honest look at Christianity, from Christian and non-Christian perspectives, as well as to explore intersections of other faith traditions within a social and environmental justice lens.

The zine is currently in development of its debut issue, projected to be published in print and digital formats by the end of December, 2020. The zine will feature writing, art, and photography by the SCM’s York U and U of T organizers, as well as submissions gathered and curated from an ongoing open call. Anyone is invited to submit work regardless of location, faith, or academic background. Criticisms of Christianity, or one’s own faith tradition, are as welcome as celebrations, admonitions, or applications of faith in justice, comments on Scripture, prayers, lamentations, religious art, etc. The zine will make every attempt to take an intersectional approach to publication, based on Kimberlé Crenshaw’s theory of intersectionality. We intend to promote a broad range of diverse views, experiences, and perspectives, and the editors will make this attempt as transparent and open to criticism as possible.

Each issue will focus on a central theme. The first issue will focus on the theme of “ecological grief”, although other themes can be explored as desired (examples: intersectional feminism, reproductive justice, decolonization and occupation, disability justice, whatever you are particularly interested in), and will be compiled for publication in later issues. Contributors are invited to reflect on, or research this theme and respond in whatever way they choose.

Submissions can be any format and medium:

  • Fiction (prose, poetry, lyrics, stream-of-consciousness, journaling, experimental writing, etc.)
  • Non-fiction (journalism, essays, reports, calls to action, letters, etc.)
  • Spiritual writings (lamentations, psalms, prophetic writing, philosophical thoughts or arguments, etc.)
  • Art (images of 3-dimensional works, any traditional media, or digital art)
  • Photography

Contributors do not have to be professionals in any given field, or established writers or artists. Stick figures and fan fiction are welcome, provided it relates to the general theme of faith applied to current issues (local, regional, or global).

Submission Guidelines:

Email all submissions to:
Include in the body of your email: your name (or pseudonym) and a 50-word description or yourself and/or your submission.
Include a mailing address for your copies if accepted for publication.

Written submissions

Length guide – 1000 words
Format: Submit writing as .odt, .doc, or .docx. If this is not possible, please include your written submission in the body of your email, but ensure to indicate the beginning and end of your submission with “[beginning of submission]” and “[end of submission]”

If your written submission requires specific formatting (such as for poetry or experimental writing), please inform us in your email, and submit your writing as a .pdf file in addition to the .odt, .doc, .docx, or email body text.
Alternatively, you can include a screenshot or photo of your writing.
If for any reason we cannot print your submission according to your specified formatting, we will follow up with you and confirm any changes necessary.

Image submissions (art and photography)

Maximum image size: 1000×1000 pixels and 300 dpi (dots per inch)
Format: Submit images as .pdf, .jpg, or .png
Images may not be printed in the same quality as you send them
Images may be resized or compressed based on printing needs
Nudity is acceptable as long as its purpose is artistic expression, and is not sexually explicit or violent in nature, and as long as the subjects are over the age of 18 and have provided consent (for photography or art of real models).
Any works featuring nudity must be declared with “contains nudity” in the Subject Line of your submission
Contributors agree to this nudity clause by submitting works for publication to this zine. The Student Christian Movement of Canada assumes any submitted nudity follows this guideline.


If your submission is accepted for publication, you will receive 5 printed copies of the issue in which your submission is published. Please include a mailing address with your submission.

We cannot accept all submissions. We will make an attempt to follow up with everyone who submits, but depending on volume we cannot guarantee a response of rejection. If you do not hear back from us within a month, you are invited to resubmit or submit new work. If resubmitting, please start your Subject Line with “Resubmission”. If on this second attempt we have chosen not to publish your work we will follow up and offer an explanation, as well as an invitation to submit new work.

For information on the Student Christian Movement’s official views, our mission, purpose, history, and current work, please explore Our Principles.