Are you a young theologian or researcher into ecumenism? (late 30s!)

To mark its 70th anniversary in 2018, the World Council of Churches is seeking articles from students of theology, younger theologians and early career researchers for a special issue of its quarterly journal, The Ecumenical Review.

The overall theme of the anniversary is “Walking Together, Serving Justice and Peace.”

Ideas for possible articles include the following:

  • Faith and Order in an increasingly diverse World Christianity
  • Ecumenism and interfaith dialogue
  • Mission and the flourishing of Creation
  • The Community of Women and Men in the Church
  • Church, society and the Earth
  • Planetary hospitality in a religiously plural world
  • Orthodox churches and the World Council of Churches – their mutual contributions
  • Just and inclusive communities
  • An ecumenical basis for human rights in the 21st century
  • Mutual accountability in a world characterized by conflict
  • The significance of a specific aspect of ecumenical history for the WCC

Contribution deadline is May 31, 2018

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