Are you going to be a student at a post-secondary institution in the upcoming academic year? Would you like to see an SCM chapter on your campus? Read on to find out if the Student Coordinator position is right for you.

Job Description

This year, SCM Canada will be hiring 2 Student Coordinators to cultivate and empower student communities on their campus, in a virtual, in-person, or hybrid model.

Student Coordinators must have student status at a Canadian post-secondary institution.

The goal of the campus coordinator is to mobilize a group of 5-10 core students who are organizing as a faith-based, social justice oriented community. The goal of this community is to enrich lives spiritually, while making real world impact through social justice organizing on relevant issues such as Indigenous sovereignty, climate justice, migrant rights, 2SLGBTQIA+ issues, etc.

The Student Coordinator will run weekly, or bi-weekly meetings with the community that may take any shape. The SCM will provide the materials necessary to run this club, including a Contextual Bible Study program and other devotional resources.

With the support of the National office, and mentoring by the General Secretary, Student Coordinators will have the opportunities to network with other young leaders, and hone their own leadership skills within a 100 year old organization that is constantly transforming, and at the heart remains the same. That is, to be a prophetic voice for justice in our world.


1. One of the primary objectives of the Student Coordinator is outreach. Through postering, social media, tabling, emailing, and whatever way the Student Coordinator sees fit for their campus, the Coordinator will do outreach to have participants engage in Student Coordinator run programming. Outreach will also be important in acquiring more dedicated members who will help be core organizers of this chapter.

2. The Student Coordinator will facilitate programming that can be independently created under the supervision of the General Secretary, or created in collaboration with the General Secretary depending on the needs of the Student Coordinator.

3. For student communities that grow at a faster rate, fundraising will become a cornerstone skill for chapters to participate in. If the chapter wishes to take on fundraising initiatives which have been done in the past as part of their faith in action, the General Secretary will provide support where necessary. For example, in the past a local chapter organized a fundraiser for environmental disaster recovery in the Philippines in partnership with SCM Philippines.

4. Networking and collaborating with other clubs on campus will be helpful in building the local movement. Providing SCM support to other social justice oriented clubs on campus, and working with an interfaith framework will not only help build our local units, but will help elevate social justice issues as a whole.

5. Having meetings with the General Secretary regularly to give chapter updates, receive guidance, and get national updates will be more essential in the beginning of the school year. As the school year moves on, depending on the needs of the Student Coordinator, meetings with the General Secretary may become less frequent.

6. Give a report back at the end of each semester about your experiences, challenges, and insights as an SCM Student Coordinator.

This position is accountable to the General Secretary.

Hours and Remuneration

The position is paid at $20 / hour for 10 hours per week.

The position is in line with the school year, from September 2022 to April 2023, with a holiday break in between. The total duration of the position is 28 weeks, at 14 weeks per semester.

Application Deadline:

Please submit a resume and cover letter, indicating something in the position posting that motivates you to apply, as well as your current student involvement, to by August 27th 2022.