Seeking SCM Social Media Team Volunteers!

Are you a creative with a passion for social media and content production?
Do you want to help support an inclusive Christian student community that celebrates diversity of gender, sexual orientation, cultural and racialized identity, and ability, and that participates in struggles for equity?

Join our SCM Social Media Team!

SCM is seeking volunteers of all levels to contribute to a team that will combine design, education, and promotion. The positions exist with the aim of allowing students to grow in their content creation skills while growing SCM’s online presence. Apply here.

Some examples of SCM Design
Inspired? Keen to go bigger, better, bolder? Read on!

Responsibilities include:

  • Brainstorming and executing methods of content creation within a team
  • Creating posts that:
  • promote activities such as Contextual Bible Studies and Game Nights;
  • showcase the activities we do;
  • educate on the topics we discuss, such as climate justice, decolonization etc.
  • Working virtually with a team in order to create regular content production for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Offering creative ideas on how to present information and create an online identity
  • Coordinating with teammates to organize tasks and responsibilities
  • Reposting, sharing, and maintaining good online rapport with the organizations we collaborate with

Term: The 3-month position is planned for October to December, 2020.

Application: Please apply at this link.

The deadline is Sunday October 4th, with later applications accepted until all three positions are filled.