The Organization:
The Student Christian Movement (SCM) of Canada is a 100-year-old, youth-led, grassroots network, with a passion for social justice, community in diversity, and radical faith in action. As a radical ecumenical movement, we welcome all at our table – regardless of belief, sexual orientation, faith tradition, or age. Together, we take action for social justice, engage in progressive spiritual and faith activism, and seek to foster community in diversity. We work to be a prophetic voice for justice in our world.

Deadline for Applications:
30 November 2021

Work Location:
Anywhere in Canada! While the SCM of Canada office is located in Toronto, ON, we operate across Canada and meetings are held remotely via Zoom. 

Board members are asked to sign on for a renewable, 2-year term. The Treasurer is expected to provide approximately 5 hours of service per month.
Please note that board members are volunteers and do not receive a salary or monetary compensation for their services. 

How to Apply:
Please send your cover letter, CV, and two references to


  1. Oversee the financial matters of the charity
    1. Work with the Office Administrator and review/present financial statements on a monthly basis and oversee bookkeeping.
      Note: The Office Administrator is currently providing bookkeeping services. Prior to April 2021, bookkeeping services were provided by Great Bear Bookkeeping (who remain available to answer questions and provide assistance). 
    2. Assist/Oversee the development and presentation of the organization’s annual budget.
    3. Ensure proper financial record-keeping, process, and procedure is being maintained, including assisting/overseeing the development and implementation of financial, reserves, and investment policies.
    4. Verify donations are being handled appropriately and that grants and other contracts are accounted for in accordance with the requirements of funders.
    5. Act as a counter-signatory on, or provide approval for, charity cheques and applications for funds – location dependent. This may include providing advice and insight on purchasing decisions.
  2. Oversee and ensure CRA compliance
    1. Ensure accurate and timely filing of the organization’s T3010, payroll remittances, and other government filings.
    2. Ensure all required financial records are available to support CRA reporting expectations and ensure that the organization is kept in good financial standing with the CRA.
    3. Be aware of CRA policies/regulatory requirements with respect to financial compliance and be able to navigate any areas of confusion over financial issues related to CRA expectations and requirements.
  3. Board and committee leadership
    1. Attend and engage in all board meetings, including annual AGM.
      Note: There are approximately 5 meetings a year and they usually occur on weekday evenings and last 1-2 hours. 
    2. Liaise with the General Secretary and Office Administrator, as necessary to provide adequate oversight of Treasurer duties.
    3. Assist with strategic planning in regard to the organization’s financial viability, sustainability, and risk management. 


  1. Commitment to the organization’s mission and strategic directions, including our commitment to an anti-oppressive framework.
  2. An understanding of, and experience with, good financial management and reporting practices.

For more information on SCM of Canada, please take a look at our website: