A Pinch of Salt… Everyone Belongs in the Kitchen!

Saturday Sept 23, 10am – 5pm, Toronto Islands

Do you ever feel like you don’t quite fit in? Too nerdy for activism, too queer for church, or too spiritual for academia? Join a batch of other misfits who are cooking up a storm in God’s kitchen where there’s space for all of us – critical thinkers, inspired makers, passionate dreamers, grumpy prophets and more!

Register here: [coming soon – for now, email info@scmcanada.org for more details or to register interest]

Tickets cost $30. This includes ferry ride to the island (and back!) and our lunch. If price is a concern, please contact us. We will meet at 9am at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal to cross to Toronto Island, beginning our program at 10am.

We are using St Andrews-by-the-Lake, an Anglican church. It is wheelchair accessible. The Student Christian Movement is an ecumenical, anti-racist, queer-affirming, and feminist organization.

Morning: stations of the cook – we’ll be taking turns on various hands-on activities, engaging in great conversation, creating and crafting and incidentally producing our lunch.

Afternoon: participate in workshops by Christian Peacemaker Teams as we explore issues of violence and injustice, and how we can respond using active nonviolence. Explore deeper issues of oppression and marginalization. How do these ‘powers that be’ function to preserve unjust social orders and oppressive economic systems? And what will we do about it?

Download Poster Here