There are lots of opportunities to travel with SCM Canada and the World Student Christian Federation!

New Comrades, New Contexts…

We believe that when people step out of their comfort zone and familiar context, they can do amazing work learning, building relationships, and expanding their world views.

Callout for Working Group members!

Solidarity, service and formation

It is also your chance to benefit the global community, sharing work, prayer and study. Learning and developing cross-cultural communication skills helps to build peace. Living alongside other people energizes movements for justice. Forming friendships across borders helps us imagine and create a world of liberation!

Check below to see current opportunities for travel with the WSCF and SCM Canada! And subscribe to our mailings and Facebook page to see new opportunities as they are released!

Participate in Global Christian Youth Conference – Indonesia, April 21-25

Coming soon

2017 – SCM Canada and SCM Cuba visit – seeking 12 Canadian Students for an inter-cultural exchange in Cuba, focusing on Christianity & Socialism.

From our friends:

Christian Peacemaker Teams runs 10-12 day Peacemaking Delegations to conflict zones throughout the year. Delegation members demonstrate solidarity, learn about the conflict and develop ways to support oppressed communities from their own home base.

Each year there are delegations to the US-Mexico border region, Anishinabek Territory (Treaty 3 in Canada), Colombia, Iraqi Kurdistan and Palestine, with occasional special delegations.

CPT Delegations are open to people regardless of religious identification.

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